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What's included?
** Complete beginners Guitar Course with 30 x HD Videos.
** A Years worth of membership guitar tuition videos.
** All the PDF Downlaods.
** Guitar Chords.
** Guitar Tab.
** Guitar Backing Tracks.
** And Absolutely Anything Else Crash Course Muso Has Produced.

*** This is probably your best opportunity to learn to play the guitar online - ever ***
*** More guitar tuition than you can throw a stick at ***

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What Will You Learn In The Course?

Yes Featured In Crash Course Muso Guitar Course

Learn To Play Classic Guitar Songs
With these classic guitar songs in your repertoire, you'll be the attraction of any party. By the end of the course you will be playing Smells Like Teen Spirit, Smoke On The Water, Hey Joe 12 Bar Blues, Pretty Woman, Wonderwall, The James Bond Theme, 12 Bar Rock 'n' Roll, Enter Sandman, I love Rock 'n' Roll, Shakin All Over, Layla and many more.

Yes Featured In Crash Course Muso Guitar Course Essential Guitar Techniques
Using A Guitar Pick, Chord Diagrams, Open Major Chords, Open Minor Chords, Pentatonic Blues Scales, Basic Strumming Patterns, Palm Muting, Song Practice Using Your Chords, Making Open And Barre Chord Progressions, Extending The Blues Scale, How To Play Arpeggios, Building Up Your Chord Bank, Hammer Ons And Pull Offs, Lead Guitar, Finger Picking Technique, How To Play By Ear.
Yes Featured In Crash Course Muso Guitar Course Power, Seventh, Open and Barre Chords
Learn well over 200 chords in our course and never get stuck trying to find a chord again.
Yes Featured In Crash Course Muso Guitar Course Simple Guitar Tab
How to read simple guitar tab. Our unique animated guitar tab makes it so easy to read and follow guitar tab. Get this down and you've just opened up the doors to 1000's & 1000's of songs you can play.
Yes Featured In Crash Course Muso Guitar Course Major, Minor & Pentatonic Scales
The holy grail of guitar playing. These short video lessons will provide you with 99% of the knowledge you'll ever need to pull off the majority of guitar solos.
Yes Featured In Crash Course Muso Guitar Course Incredible Finger Workout
Mastering these incredible finger workouts will see your guitar playing excel at amazing speeds. Hone your dexterity skills and play faster than you ever imagined.

Never seen before interviews with friends and industry renowned guitarists who share their tactics, tips and secrets about how to play guitar in their unique style. They're all yours completely free when you join today. Don't Miss Out.

Metal Shredding Techniques
Interview with Andy James

The UK's finest Metal Shredder bare's all in this intimate half hour interview

Andy James on Crash Course Muso


Blues Guitar Voicing
Interview with Ross Griggs

Watch Ross if you want to take total control over your guitar voicing - priceless

Ross Griggs with Crash Course Muso


Acoustic Songwriting Tips
Interview with Simon Jones
Grab valuable tips from Simon's amazing voice and song writing chops

Simon Jones with Crash Course Muso


Country Bluegrass
Interview with Ian Larkin

Watch Ian break apart some tasty Bluegrass licks making it easy for anyone to grasp

Ian Larkin with Crash Course Muso


This is the perfect chance to take a unique glimpse into the playing styles of 4 amazing guitar players who share with you years of experience and they're yours for free when you take advantage of our Guitar Course today.

YES I Want To Lock In This Superb Olympic Bundle
Only $97 - Don't miss this opportunity to become a great guitar player
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Guitar Course Guarantee

See What Others Are Saying About Our Beginners Guitar Course

I'm really glad to have come across your lessons and I find them really approachable and am able to gel with your teaching style.  I'll hit this first set of tutorials, and then will progress into the rest of your series.  What is great is your chill style and real solid technique.  I'm looking forward to really getting into it this year.
I'll keep in touch, and again thanks!!
Nik Wolf - Australia

I wish Phill Mason's Crash Course Muso had been around when I first started to learn guitar. This the most effective way to be up and playing in the shortest time possible. The quality of the video lessons are superb. The close up insets of both hands support a comfortable teaching style that is easy to understand, even for a complete beginner.  Phill brings many years of experience to this course. He's a musician (playing a variety of instruments), songwriter, composer, vocalist and band member. In other words, he walks the walk.  I highly recommend this course. For what you would spend for a couple of hours with a tutor, you can have a complete guitar education that you can refer back to - over and over again.
And... you get to play Clapton's "Layla". Priceless!
Ian Cunningham - USA

Phill Mason I love you! I've finally found the right way for me to learn guitar. The videos are brilliant.
Andrew Nesbitt - Australia

When I heard that Phill Mason, the guy behind the 30 Day Challenge/Kiva charity track, was producing a video guitar course I had to take a look.
Steve Blampied - Jersey, Channel Islands

Phill’s infectious enthusiasm combined with the extremely professional teaching videos are just inspiring. The use of multiple cameras and very clear diagrams make every step very clear and learning fun. All the best
Rob Wilson - UK

Your course has helped me so much. When I first joined I was a newbie to guitar but I now feel I have learnt so much from you. Again many thanks for the fantastic lessons.
Julian Garner - UK

Phill.  I'm enjoying the lessons very much.  I've recently gotten back into playing, so some of the stuff has been very good refresher.  I really dig the way you teach and find that my playing is much more fluid based on the way you explain things.  I know that sounds weird, but it's true in my case.  Anyway, looking forward to much more of your guitar wisdom. Best.
Randy Braun- New York

Hi Phill, I've got to say, right off the bat, that I'm really enjoying the free lessons.  The way they are structured has enabled me to easily learn the James Bond Theme and the opening riff to Pretty Woman.............And I'm a 54 year old complete novice.  Just learning those two riffs has inspired me to want to play, which is something I've wanted to do for years
Nic Sinclair - UK

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to own the UK's #1 Online Guitar Course for yourself or as the perfect gift.

I look forward to welcoming you into the members area and I hope that I can help
you become the guitarist you've always wanted to be. Get in touch anytime.

Keep Rockin'
Phill Mason

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